14 ways to increasing telegram channel’s members

Learn how to increase Telegram membership easily!

How do I increase my Telegram membership? Today you will learn how to increase Telegram membership easily! We have stated that all the tricks to increase the membership of Telegram.

There is no doubt that Telegram is one of the best virtual networks in the world and is ranked among the top three networks in terms of the user in the world are more than 400 milion.

With the spread of Telegram, many Telegram channels were created and little by little, revenue was generated from Telegram, which today hundreds of thousands of people are earning from Telegram.

It is interesting to know that thousands of people earn millions from Telegram! But what are the important criteria for making a great income from Telegram? Well, it can be guessed that a targeted and real member is one of the best criteria for a channel to thrive, so the more members there are, the more revenue, credit, and so on.

But the basic and important question is here:

How to increase your channel membership?

In order to be able to attract the real membership of Telegram, we need to be creative, and if we want to speed up our work, maybe money! But in any case, this does not mean that you cannot earn millions from Telegram without money, because this statement is completely incorrect and irrational, both in terms of experience and in terms of statistics and information on Telegram’s revenue in Iran.

The first step is to increase the membership :
Forbidden fake Members

There are different opinions about this, some believe that increasing the fake member’s Telegram channel is to some extent in favor of the channel manager, and some believe that this will hit the channel a lot.

But what is the truth? The truth is that your telegram channel has 50,000 members, and when a new member enters your channel, you see that the number of visits to your posts is only a thousand! This will cause the user to run away from your channel, and more importantly, no one will trust your channel to buy ads!

Therefore: Do not buy a fake Telegram member!

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Learn how to increase Telegram membership with 7 tricks

Well, to increase the real members of your Telegram channel, you must first be patient and do all the training we give to succeed.

1. Take the basics very seriously
It is very important that the profile of your Telegram channel is completely exclusive and beautiful, and that you write good explanations for your channel and specify your goals from this channel. If your goal is to earn money from Telegram, you should find a very good idea and act quickly. Don’t hit the channel. Finally, write the address of your Telegram channel short, beautiful and relevant.

2. Start with your friends
As you know, it’s harder to get started when you don’t have a member, because when a visitor sees your channel and realizes that you have a low number of members, it quickly exits the channel, so it’s best to start with all your friends.

3- To start, check the number of very few members
There are various ways to create a member, such as Telegram channel membership exchange software. To get started, you can add 500 Telegram fake members to your channel (we mean exchange), but don’t do more than that.

4- Build a blog and tap your link!
To better understand what I mean, let me assume that your Rajab channel is to buy a Telegram member, so now go to a site builder like Blogspot or Blog Builders like wordpress, create a blog, and after creating it, write a Rajab post on your channel. , For example, put the title: Telegram channel membership channel membership link, then explain a few lines of your channel Rajab and put your channel link.

However, if someone searches on Google, the Telegram member shopping channel, you may be part of the results (depending on the difficulty of the word and many other criteria).

5- Use Telegram channel introduction sites
Of course, if you don’t have the patience to build a web, there is a better way in front of you, just search on Google, introduce the Telegram channel, in general, the best sites in this field are My Channels, Telegram Channels, Come 2 Channels, T Channel, which is again Search and you can use them.

6- Social networks are a great way to increase the real membership of Telegram!
Note that you need to advertise correctly on the virtual network so that you can do the process of increasing Telegram membership in a great way, for example, if your channel is a photo of animals, just search for this hashtag on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Facebook and… #Photo_of_Animal, then write under each photo that I have Rajab Animal Photo Channel, if you would like to subscribe to my channel.

7- Don’t forget the Telegram groups and super groups
It’s a good idea to work with related groups so that you can attract members, but the problem is that if you advertise in a group, it’s either deleted or fired (by robots), so listen to our creative way right now.

Name yourself: look at my profile!
Then put the address of the Telegram channel and the description of the Telegram channel on your profile 📷
This method is one of the best ways to increase Telegram membership, with which I have attracted many members.

8- Exchange with similar channels
To find channels similar to yours, just use the same sites we mentioned (My Channels and 2), with those sites.

Find your Abe and send a message to their admin and talk to Rajab.

Of course, the channels don’t have to be very similar, if your channel is Rajab Manto, then you can exchange shawls, scarves, and so on with Rajab’s channels!

9- Challenge and compete with the prize
This is also a great way to increase your Telegram channel membership. Well, again, suppose your channel is mobile Rajab, ask users to send you their mobile photo and put the photos on the channel, any A photo of a visit or a higher liking is the winner of the contest, and for example, 50,000 tomans will win, so you will earn ten times that 50,000 tomans.

10. Post and original post
It is very important that your posts are not copied! And if you write the channel address in your photos in a stylish and small way in the corner of the image, it will have a great effect both for your brand and for attracting your Telegram channel member.

11- Users interact with the channel to produce content
This is also a great way to keep users happy and interact with them, for example, send your ID on the channel and tell your users if they have a Rajab channel post to send it to me to publish it on the channel and…

12. Use Telegram hashtags
This will cause your member to search for that hashtag on your channel if they want to search for a specific topic and get to that point faster, which will increase your Telegram channel membership.

13. Think for yourself and be creative!
These 11 methods are really useful for you, but think for yourself and be creative and tell yourself how can I increase my Telegram channel membership? Maybe you will discover a new and wonderful way, because these 11 methods were created by the managers of the Telegram channel.

But the most important thing you should know in this regard is:

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how do I save my Telegram channel members?

More important than increasing your channel membership is memorizing! Note that your first priority should be to keep the same members you are happy with, and then to think about new members. By no means should your channel fall for no reason every day, which means that your members are either dissatisfied or aimless. We have attracted them.
So keep these tips in mind to keep your Telegram members safe

1- With a lot of advertising, your members will be fired!
Please note that you are not going to run the channel just for business and earn money, you are going to have fun with your members and take advantage of them so that they do not feel bad, which means that you should not advertise more than 2 to 5 times a day.

2- Send a good post next to your ads
This is also an interesting method, for example, if you are going to send a personal ad, prepare a good post before that, then send the ad immediately and post your good post under the ad, this will make no one unhappy and in It will eventually improve your channel.

3- Post at the right time and of course on time
Try to post at a specific time, for example, every day at 6 pm, or on peak days at 12 noon, in general you should have a special time and it should not be the first morning or end of the night, because many members of your channel are notifications They did not turn it off and then…. In general, this is very important for increasing Telegram’s membership.

4. Don’t post too much or too little
Keep this in mind, you should not post more than 20 posts a day, your members will no longer have the patience to read all these posts and you should not post once a week, in total at least one post a day and a maximum of 10 to 15 posts a day.

5- Don’t post long, Telegram is not a book!
Although this depends on your channel, it shouldn’t be a long post, the shorter the better, let’s say you’re in a Twitter environment, so very briefly put together the best words.

6- Two great posts are better than 10 bad posts
You should also pay close attention to this point, and you should know that in any case, quality is more profitable than quantity, so try to keep the excellent posts low rather than the high ones every day, but aimlessly and awfully.

7- Leave a poll and become the king of interaction
This is also very valuable, for example, if your channel is Rajab Music, leave a poll and ask what kind of music style do you like the most, dear friends? By doing this, you can understand the interests of your audience. Or you can put a like button below each post you put.