Multi Account Instagram


Multi-Account Instagram Multi-Account Instagram is an Instagram feature that can be used to create multiple accounts on Instagram at the same time.Of course, it should be said that this feature was not possible in previous versions of Instagram, and it was only possible to manage one account and to have other accounts, you had to exit the software and then enter another account to Your account can be accessed. Due to this feature that Instagram has recently added to itself, it has become possible for other people who use Instagram for different purposes to create several different accounts on Instagram and [...]

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Save message in Telegram


Save message in Telegram If you are one of the active users of Telegram and other social networks, you are more or less familiar with the capabilities that these programs have. And you can tell what each of these functions has done and for what purpose they have been launched. If we want to mention one of these good features of Telegram, it is better to get more acquainted with Telegram, this program that is very popular these days and is widely used among users. To see what algorithm Telegram has? What is Telegram? With the rise of human societies and [...]

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Last Seen on Telegram


Last Seen on Telegram Last Seen on Telegram- Probably if you are an active user of social networks and spend a lot of time in different programs, you probably know what are the various capabilities that these programs have and what are their uses? We must say that today with the spread of the Internet and widespread use. Users from various social networks are very familiar with the capabilities of these programs and know in what situations each of these capabilities is used. Each of the social networks that have a special place among people today put capabilities in each of [...]

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Gif in Telegram


Gif in Telegram With the increasingly widespread use of the Internet and various social networks, people in Harsanyi today use various social networks. In a way that they are familiar with various capabilities. Today, with the expansion of different communities and a lot of communication between different people, the foundation and in general the purpose of creating different social networks has been more interaction and communication. And all the features and capabilities that exist in each update and are available to users are due to the increase in this interaction and improved quality of performance. Not only in Telegram but also [...]

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spirit mode in Telegram


spirit mode in Telegram In general, with the spread of the Internet and the widespread use of various social networks, the need for communication among humans has increased. With the expansion of human societies, human beings needed more communication. With the passage of years and the advancement of technology and the advent of the Internet and the subsequent various messaging and communication programs, humans have been able to experience another side of life that they were unfamiliar with in the past. As we have said, according to the needs of human beings today, the working principles of social networks are based [...]

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Sticker in Telegram


Sticker in Telegram With the spread of the Internet and the widespread use of various social networks, people around the world have become more familiar with and use various programs and applications. Initially, most social networks, especially messaging programs, had a simple algorithm and were only used to send and receive text messages. After the use of such programs expanded and people welcomed them all over the world, these programs were gradually updated and each time they unveiled new capabilities. This sending and receiving of text messages became better capabilities such as video, video, audio and .... As you know, the [...]

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Secret chat in Telegram


Secret chat in Telegram Before expressing a private conversation or Secret chat in Telegram, it is necessary to get more familiar with the Telegram algorithm of this popular and useful program these days. We want to know what Telegram is and what features it has made popular among users? Telegram is a messenger program developed by Pavel Dorf of Russia and his brother in the year 1313. At the time of its launch, Powell Drew probably did not expect Telegram to become so popular and used by users. In fact, it has not been long since the launch of Telegram, but [...]

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Hashtag in Telegram


Hashtag in Telegram If you are an active user of social networks, you have probably heard the name hashtag in various social networks and you probably know how to use it. The hashtag is not only related to Instagram and is also used in other applications such as Telegram, Twitter, etc. But some people think that the hashtag is only for Instagram. While this is not the case and there is a hashtag in Telegram and it has different uses. Before we talk about the Hashtag in Telegram and say what its application and role is in interaction, it is better [...]

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Voice call in Telegram


Voice call in Telegram Before we say that Telegram, this popular and useful application that has been popular among social network users for several years, what are its features and capabilities, including Voice call in Telegram. It is better to get more acquainted with this global messenger. Telegram is a messaging program for sending and receiving messages among people. However, this message exchange is not only a textual and simple part of the capabilities of Telegram, but also has other features that make interaction between users easier. The app was launched in 2013 by Pavel Dorf Rossi and his brother with [...]

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Pin a message in Telegram


Pin a message in Telegram Telegram is a program that has various capabilities such as pinning or Pin a message in Telegram. In general, in the following, we want to get more familiar with the telegram of this popular and useful program, so that we can become more familiar with its capabilities, in addition to pinning the message. Telegram is a messaging application that is related to sending and receiving messages among users. The telegram was started by Pavel Dorf and his brother from Russia with little capital. According to estimates, Telegram is one of the few applications that has been [...]

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