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Change Instagram password

Change Instagram password is an important part of using Instagram, considering that this Instagram software has become one of the most popular software among users and a large number of people use it and users It contains a lot, so the possibility of hacking people with this software is very high.Because due to the fact that many people use this software commercially and earn money in it, as well as other celebrities such as other influencers, bloggers, celebrities, and other people. Others who have gained a large number of followers face the potential risk of being hacked, and it is possible that their account will be hacked by other people and they will not be able to access their account.

Therefore, according to these interpretations, it is recommended that people change their Instagram password every few months so that they do not face the possible dangers of being hacked and do not suffer the resulting losses.Of course, it is also possible that in some cases, Instagram will send you an email asking you to change your current password, but you should try to change it, but how to change your Instagram password is very easy and simple. We have included the following tutorials for doing it.

What is an Instagram password?

Instagram password is a part of Instagram that people ask them to create a password for your login to Instagram and your account when registering on this site or through its software and creating an Instagram account. You can access your account at any time you want.This password is a completely personal ID and each person has their own password that you enter at the beginning of creating an account, and of course, if you use an easy Instagram password, it warns you that your password Change.And it asks you to use passwords in which a combination of numbers and letters is a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters to reduce the possibility of hacking by profiteers. Also, your password should not be shared with others. The contract is completely personal because people can easily access your account through any system if they know your password.But the important thing is to change your password every few months to maintain more security and change it. Use the methods below to change your password.

Change Instagram password

There are several ways to change the password, and in this section, each of these methods is briefly stated. This is the first way to refer to the software and if you remember the current Instagram password.To change your password, first, go to your account and your profile page on Instagram, and on your profile page, select the three-line icon at the top right of the page, and in the next part of the gear icon, select the settings option in Touch the bottom of the page to move to the next section.On the next page, you must select the security option to select the Password option in the next section. Now, after selecting it, you will see in the next section, and in the first box, it will ask you for the current password. Entering it in the next box will ask you for a new password and in the last box, it will ask you to repeat the new password.

The password that must be selected in this section is at least 6 characters, in which a combination of numbers and uppercase and lowercase English letters must be used, and finally after selecting the new password and remembering the high tick on the page Touch to enter the new password.Another way to change your password is to use Instagram. You can visit the Instagram site and after entering your account and password on the Instagram page, refer to the Instagram settings section.Now, after selecting the settings on the left side of the page, the first option is changed Password, which you select and, like the previous steps, change your password.

Another way to Change Instagram password is in cases where you do not know your previous password and have forgotten it. Refer to all the steps mentioned in the above sections and to the page where you can put a box There is a current password and a new password. At the bottom, there is a blue Forgot password option and now you have to select this option.It will then request methods for sending your old password. Then it is possible to use recovery via phone number or recovery via email as well as recovery through Facebook, each of which can be selected.

In the next part, after selecting one of these items, Instagram will send your old password and continue the steps as in the previous steps, but in many cases, it will not send the old password and will send you a link. You have to tap on it to enter.After that, in the relevant fields, it will ask you to enter the new password and finally, it will be confirmed, and in the same way, your password will be changed.To recover a new password, it is very important to follow the steps correctly, and if you do not go through the steps correctly, you will lose access to the new password.