Fake Instagram followers

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Fake Instagram followers

Fake Instagram followers, it should be said that due to the fact that many people spend most of their time in cyberspace, in the meantime, Instagram, with its excessive popularity among people, has more uses than other programs, so that It is one of the most important applications in the fields of economics and trade and business.By having their own pages, people are interacting and communicating with other people who are their followers and actually follow them by publishing their personal photos and videos, so in the field of work and Business People, The large number of these people and followers is very important and plays a key role in their revenue and business.In the meantime, many Instagram pages, by attracting fake followers and raising this statistic on their pages, try to stigmatize their page, which in fact creates losses for people who in this regard We will present them.

The difference between real followers and fake followers

Fake followers are actually a series of followers made by robots and do not contain any human identity, and their creators have made them for the purpose of buying and selling, and such followers in Instagram posts do not provide any interaction and communication and may cause harm to many people.Real followers are also followers that people are attracted to you by following your pages, and they may also make connections in the posts you post on the page. But there is another type of follower called the follower of the soul.In fact, such followers are real people and followers who do not put any likes or comments in your posts after a period of time after following your page, in this case, according to certain algorithms that Xyntagram Has determined that page posts will no longer be displayed to people. These types of followers are called soul followers.

What are Fake Instagram followers like?

For many people who are not aware of fake followers and buy to increase the number of their followers, they suffer a lot of losses in their business, because, in fact, fake followers are such that many people sell. They fake a lot of followers that if we pay attention to these followers, we will see that they do not have a real identity.If people buy from such fake followers, they will not make any profit for their commercial purposes because people can sell their products or other businesses on their business pages when There should be interaction and relationships between the followers, and these followers will increase these interactions with the likes and comments they put under the posts.

Methods of distinguishing fake followers from real followers

In this article, we will express some methods that can be used to find out whether the followers are real or fake, and in each method, its aspects are measured by examining them.The first method that is used to detect the authenticity and falsity of Instagram followers is to check the content of the purchased page as well as the posts on this page.In this way, if the page that has been purchased, despite a large number of page followers, you will see that the page is related to the sale of a commodity that from the beginning of the page until the time it was sold, there is only a limited number of items in it. Here, it is clear that the page in question is fake and its real followers are very few, and by buying from these pages, only their sellers will benefit.

Another way to distinguish fake followers from real followers is to check the comments that people have placed under the posts on the page. In fact, by observing the issue of who and with what Instagram names and IDs have tried to put comments below the post.If the ideas were strange and unreal, or if a large number of people liked and commented on the post, the Arabic pages or other names that are completely strange, in fact, this page and its followers are fake.Of course, in this method, there is another way to detect these fake followers. If a large number of existing comments have repeatedly placed several words or sentences in a row, it is quite clear that the followers of this page are fake.

The third way we want to identify Fake Instagram followers is to check the existing page followers by going to the page followers section if a large number of followers are placed on the page in a row. There are people who have strange names or Arabic and foreign. We find that the page in question and its followers are unreal.Or if a large number of page followers have completely strange names that do not even have a profile picture, or if we look at the pages and pages of these strange names, we will see that they have a number of followers and followers that are contradictory and They do not match at all, ie the high number of followers and the low number of followers, in which case we will find that the page in question and its followers are fake.And in the last method that we have presented to you here, how to recognize that an Instagram page has real followers or fake followers by checking the number of comments and likes that the posts in the page in question Have received.

In fact, in this method, we suggest that you follow the desired page by following it until a new post is uploaded and shared on this page. At this time, after the post that was placed on the page, if you notice that in the early hours of the page, the number of likes as well as the comments that are placed on the page and below the post is very small or quickly in At a certain time, this statistic went up, and it should be suspected that it was fake.Or in this method, checking the hours of the comments that are placed below the post, it can also be found that it is fake by saying that if at a certain time, the number of comments that are placed for the post is very high. And at other times there is little or no so the page followers are fake.

By stating these methods, it is possible to realize to a large extent that these followers are fake and do not buy from them, but there are other methods that, with a little knowledge of them, can help a lot in detecting this. Followers, which we will briefly describe.The high number of followers and low number of followers or vice versa, low number of posts on the page, a high number of followers if the interaction rate is very low, a number of posts are duplicates, photos and videos The inventory on the page is of poor quality or of poor quality, and many other things.If for any reason a person buys such fake pages and followers, he will suffer losses in his business, which in fact, such fake followers create advantages and disadvantages for people who continue to We will examine these advantages and disadvantages.Of course, in general, fake followers can only create one type of advantage for people if its disadvantages far outweigh its advantages, and we advise people not to use such followers for their businesses.

The advantages of such fake followers are that many people who visit a page and follow it, at first glance, attract a large number of page followers, and if this number If there is a high level of trust-building in the first stage.In this case, this kind of trust that has been created in the person causes the person to stay on your page and visit the posts that are placed on the page and see other products of your page or even make a purchase Show them that in this case, you have succeeded in earning money this way.But this happens only in the most optimistic case because due to the disadvantages of this method, it causes the loss of the customer and this real follower, which we express in the disadvantages of this method.

Many people, by following a page that has a large number of followers, by checking the number of posts and the number of comments and likes that the posts have received, reach a kind of trust that if in these cases, there is a proportion. Which is also quite reasonable in this case will buy from your page.But if the high number of followers causes a low number of likes, despite the high number of posts that are of very good quality or even products that have very good sales and can earn good revenue, then The person does not even look at the posts or it does not matter to him. In fact, at this stage, not only has the person not bought from you, but you have also lost a real follower.For people who have started their business with fake followers, it is recommended to try to attract real followers by eliminating fake followers and with the right marketing strategies. Of course, it is also necessary to mention that cyberspace with Being virtual should be the first step for people’s business, and launching and going through its success path should be able to attract people’s trust.

Another disadvantage of this method is that the Instagram algorithm in its new updates has been removed in such a way that it automatically deletes inactive followers, ie it automatically removes people who have no activity on the page and Instagram. In fact, with this method, people not only do not earn money but also suffer losses.Among the other disadvantages that can be mentioned is the fact that the Instagram algorithm has been designed in such a way that by examining people’s virtual pages, if they find a page that has a large number of followers, but no, etc. They have no activity. Blocks or blocks the desired page.In this method, if people have a large number of real followers, then by deleting and closing the page, the person’s real followers are also lost. His page completely disappears and he has to create a new page to create it.There are other disadvantages to the method of attracting fake followers that people can avoid the loss caused by buying it by considering this issue and ways to identify these followers. Also, by being aware of the right marketing and marketing, they should try to attract real followers and earn money through this.