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IGTV Instagram

IGTV Instagram, a new feature that people were initially allowed to put videos and publish in Instagram software and to upload videos in this software to put 15-second videos. It did not last more than 15 seconds.But in the end, due to the popularity of this software among users and the rapid increase in the number of people and users who used it, in the next updates, it allowed placing videos for a period of one minute.But this also changed after the new updates, and now in the latest version of Instagram, it allows people to upload videos for up to an hour, but this also requires conditions, and all To use it, people must have the existing conditions, which we will describe below.

What is IGTV Instagram?

IGTV is actually the upload of videos that states allow people to put on their personal page for up to an hour, but not for ordinary people. And for some people, this is the time, and others are allowed to put IGTV video for a maximum of 10 minutes.In fact, celebrities and influencers who have a large number of followers and followers can upload videos for a maximum of one hour. So the length of time people can post their videos on Instagram determines their position.The purpose of Instagram is to turn this software into a pocket TV that people can use in any situation. Of course, other issues that are raised in this regard are the fierce competition of this software with YouTube, which made it Provides IGTV capability.

What are the features of IGTV on Instagram?

This part of Instagram, which has been added in new updates to this software, has many useful features, some of which can be introduced.These IGTV features include viewing long-term videos of your selected friends and followers, as well as uploading and sharing your own long videos to your page followers, controlling actions and sections on the video It has other benefits and features, such as stopping, moving forward, or reversing, and other features provided by IGTV.Of course, there are other ways to put long films, including multiple films that can be placed in a row as an album, which also has its advantages and disadvantages.

How to use IGTV Instagram

There are two ways to use this feature of Instagram, which we will introduce in the following, but it should be noted that the condition for using this special feature of Instagram is to update your software to the latest version of it. Ability to update your software to the latest model provided through the App Stores.Note that there are two ways to use IGTV, first we introduce the first method.In the new version of Instagram, IGTV is located on the Explorer page, which means that by going to this page on the left and top of the page, its icon can be easily seen, but note that if the older version has Instagram on its mobile phone. Be this icon on the first page is actually the home page on the right and at the top of the page and there it can be found.

By clicking on this option and selecting the Create Channel option, you have actually created a channel for yourself in this section, and by going through the help page that is placed on this page and selecting the Next option, and finally re-selecting the option. Create Channel You can watch your videos or upload a new movie by pressing the icon plus and share it among your audience.Of course, there is another way and it makes accessing this issue easier by doing the posting method on Instagram and selecting the icon plus from the selected videos of your mobile phone to make the desired video that more Select from one minute.By selecting the desired movie, two options will appear for you, which are called shortening the video and publishing it on your Instagram or short video, and another option includes publishing your long video on IGTV, which is called long video. If you choose the second option, you have actually entered IGTV in the Instagram software.

After selecting the video and clicking next on the page that has been created for you in this section, you can choose the title, description, or even an image for your movie cover, which can be a frame of the movie or even have a photo separately from the photos in your gallery.Here is another option for people who have connected their Instagram account to Facebook, with the title Make Visible on Facebook Page asking you to share your video on Facebook, which by pressing it, you actually have confirmed, and finally, by selecting the Post option, your video will be shared among your audience.

There is another method in this topic that is not through Instagram software and other software that is related to this should be downloaded and installed on your mobile phone so that after entering this software and Enter your username and password to enter the IGTV section, but in this software, you can add other information instead of your user information.After entering the IGTV section, the page that is displayed for you is in the form of snow, and the purpose of Instagram from this page is to turn it into a TV. Finally, after a short time, your friends’ videos will be displayed to you.

At the bottom of this page, there are taps and other options that will show you other videos that have been uploaded in this section and posted on Instagram. By selecting any of them, you can see the relevant video.The options in this section include the FOR YOU option, which actually shows movies that are shown according to your interests, and other items that you have seen in the search section or on The basis of the audience you follow will be displayed for you.Another option in this section is the Following option, which is actually the videos of your followers and the audience that you follow, which displays them for you.

Another option that is displayed for you in this section includes the popular option, in which you can watch the videos that are very popular and popular on Instagram. And finally, the continue watching option, which is a very practical option. If the last time you watched a video in this episode and watched it in completely, it will be shown to you here and in the rest of the movie.In the box at the top of the page, where the word search is written, you can see the favorite movies or movies of celebrities and in general, a special movie.The important point in this section is that after selecting your video, you will be transferred to a new page, the steps of posting the video are the same as posting a photo or video, but there are a few points in this section that We describe the options related to this page.

On this page, we will see that in the first part, the Title option is written in a small color, where you have to choose a title for your video. If your video is on Instagram, this title will be fine at the bottom of the video and line. The cap is placed first.The next box, which is below the Title and is also written in lower case, contains a Description that there is no obligation for people to fill in this section and can ignore it.In fact, in this section, a caption has been applied in which people can also insert the hashtags they need, but they should be careful in choosing the hashtag they want because people choose this hashtag for this video. They move and they can see it.

The next part below the movie is the series section, which is used by people who publish related videos, and other people can ignore this part.In fact, by selecting the add to the series option, you can create a collection that includes videos related to this film in this collection.The next option on this page is related to the video display, which actually creates a new post on your page by selecting and turning on the post a preview option when the video is uploaded, and other followers of the page. You can find out about the release of the movie by watching this post.

By not activating this option, your video will only be uploaded to the IGTV section and will remain there. Therefore, this option plays an important role for people. The next part is for people who have connected their account to Facebook, and if you select it, the desired video will also be played on Facebook.The important point in this section is that after publishing this video, you can apply edits to it or tag certain people under it, of course, for other people whose page does something. And it is commercial. In the advance settings section, they can share this post with other people and brands that they work with in relation to their cooperation, or tag them under their video.Another important point in this section is that if you have tried to put videos in this section through the web version, you can put videos indefinitely and make them as albums.

Another thing that can be introduced to people is to place the video in this section horizontally, which is possible by other software, and in the software related to this type of video, your video Horizontally, in which case, after publishing it on Instagram, the upper and lower parts of the desired video will be empty.Of course, if your video is placed vertically on Instagram, at the time of uploading it, another option is displayed in addition to the above options, called edit preview, which in fact, by selecting this option, your video will be displayed horizontally. This option will not be displayed if the desired movie is horizontal.

IGTV application

In general, this part of Instagram, which has provided the conditions for people to post videos for a longer period of time, has applications and benefits for people, including those who want to be famous in the famous Instagram program. These people are called influencers. This part of Instagram is very useful for them.Other uses of IGTV in Instagram software for other people can be mentioned for other people who want to make money through Instagram and earn money for themselves this way because using this section They can teach on their pages or introduce their products to their audience or teach them how to use them.

This part of Instagram software is generally very useful for people who are teachers or singers and musicians, and with it, they can record and play videos for long periods of time for other users to follow. Their users should use this content.Another application of this section, which in general creates major benefits for people and is very useful, is the use of this method, which creates the possibility and conditions for increasing the followers and followers of people in In fact, increasing the followers of people also increases their income. Using IGTV, both the followers of people and their income from this software will increase.

Many videos are placed on IGTV and most of their content is educational. Many people want to download these educational videos for themselves and save them on their mobile phones so that they can use these tutorials when necessary.But according to the algorithms of Instagram software, it remains to be seen whether the available uploaded videos can be downloaded in this section or not?

In general, the Instagram software does not allow downloading any of the videos and photos that have been posted, and in fact, it is not possible to download the videos that have been placed in the IGTV section. So there are other ways to use these videos in Instagram software that unsaved people can watch these videos for the next time.But the important point in this section is that in general, everything that exists in the Internet space can be downloaded by having a link, of course, this means knowing the methods related to downloading. People can download videos and photos on Instagram by copying links through various software, including Telegram.

Practical tips on using IGTV

In this section, there are points in using IGTV for people who use this software and this section, which is very important and practical, which you will describe and introduce in the following.First of all, it should be noted that there is no possibility of live or live videos on IGTV, and people can not use this Instagram feature to capture live videos and share them with their people and audiences, and can only make live videos through stories.Another important point in this section is about the volume of movies that are uploaded in this section. According to the rules in the Instagram software, the ratio for movies that are uploaded is 9:16, and this is a fixed number for this part on Instagram, and it cannot be changed, so you can only watch videos whose size is limited. Most are loaded at 6.3 GB.

Other important features of this section include the resolution of the videos being uploaded, and IGTV supports movies with a maximum resolution of 4k.Another point is that the videos that are loaded and actually uploaded in this section are available in rectangular frames, so to view the videos in full screen by tapping the movie that is playing It can be viewed in full screen.

Remove video from IGTV

In many cases, it is possible for people to delete their desired video after uploading and uploading it for various reasons. Knowing how to delete IGTV is also important for people, so learn how to delete videos. We think it is sometimes used for other people.Go to IGTV in your software and in your channel, or if you have IGTV in your mobile phone using other software, go to your desired IGTV page, then tap on your profile You will see all the videos that you have uploaded in this section.Select the movie you want to delete, then select the three-dot icon in the middle and bottom of the movie, which is actually more of an option, and select the delete option.Then, after selecting the delete option, another page will be displayed that confirms by asking you that you are sure of deleting your video, and by selecting delete again, you confirm this action, and thus the desired video. It will be deleted from your Instagram and channel.