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Instagram product tags

Instagram product tags, one of the important features that Instagram added in 2019 in the Instagram update version was a very important feature called Instagram Shopping, which was very well received by people familiar with this method.Of course, in using this, Instagram created limitations for some cases, including the most important limitation in relation to this important part of being active and not being in some countries. In more precise expression, it should be mentioned that this feature Instagram does not work in some countries and can be used in countries of its choice.The list of relevant countries has been provided to users by Instagram. But this method itself is somewhat vague and ambiguous for people, which we will introduce in the following and perform activation methods.

In general, it should be noted that Instagram was used only for entertainment and leisure at the beginning of the development of its software and its introduction among users, but eventually caused changes in this software, which was purchased by Facebook. It should become one of the places for people to earn money so that people can introduce their businesses through it and thus achieve significant incomes.Of course, this new feature of Instagram, which has not been introduced to people for a long time, was very welcomed and caused the app to use this section by commercializing their posts.In fact, this is a store site where people introduce and sell their products, but it should be noted that without having a store site, you can not sell products, so in the first stage, people must build a store site in This software.

In the following, we will discuss the methods of building a store on Instagram, and then we will review the methods of Instagram product tags.

How to build a store on Instagram?

If you remember, you will remember that in every commercial page and introduction and sale of your products, every time you upload a post in the caption below the post, people will link to your store in your Instagram bio. They would refer or if their followers were more than 10,000 people, they could introduce their store link in the store to people.Despite these steps, Instagram has done something in its new update that there is no need for such methods to refer people to the relevant link, and by tapping the desired post, the price will appear, which is like tagging the desired post. They are transferred directly to the desired store site.

This new feature of Instagram, which is much more convenient and practical, and the methods of using it for the user, which are also easier, make people see other products on your site, and one of the important advantages of this method and Use it. And, of course, other advantages of using this method can be pointed too high sales, which will give you the desired enthusiasm at this time by seeing your other products, even if they did not want to buy.But the most important part of setting up and building this store is that first, we have to say that this method is a bit difficult and people face challenges, especially when the country of origin that wants to use this Instagram action is on the list. Countries that Instagram has not chosen, in which case their work will have more problems.In the first part, it should be noted that the user account of people who want to use this feature must be commercial, otherwise, they can not use this method, and in addition, a Facebook account is required.

Of course, another thing that should be mentioned is that in using this method, people’s Facebook accounts must also be of a commercial type in order to be able to activate this action on Instagram and use it. At this time, to build your store, you need to connect both your Facebook and Instagram accounts that you have previously traded. To do this, you must do the following.In creating your Instagram store, you have to create product tags by first creating a page of your products, which we recommend for people in this field to do through Facebook.To use it, you have to go to the settings menu on your Facebook page and select the templates and tab option among the available options, and in the continuation of selecting this option, you will see that your page is of the shopping type and the same type Which is used by us in this section.

On the page that is a shop, there is an option called add product, which means adding your products to this page. So by selecting this option, you will add your products to this page. Then you will see that by pressing it, the product entry form will be sent to you, which you have added to the page by uploading a photo of the desired product and also adding other information related to that product.Note that the section for products on this page is dollars. After completing the above steps, your store is ready that you can add your other products and their photos to this page by selecting the + option.In this place, Instagram approval must be obtained to activate the desired store and to obtain this approval, it takes time, which is sometimes a few hours and sometimes a few days. After obtaining Instagram approval, you must use the Instagram software to continue the steps, in which case you will see that several messages have been sent on your Instagram page.

By obtaining Instagram confirmation and receiving the relevant messages, we will act as in the images below, by referring to the settings section on your account page and selecting the business setting option in this section.Next, on the page in front of you, select the shopping option, and on the next page, by tapping on the continue option, a list of products that you created in your Facebook store will be displayed for you, which You must select it.Here, you have created the relevant settings to use this method on Instagram. To use it, you must go to the posting section on Instagram and select a post as always, and then after making changes to the item post. Comment On the last page, we encounter a box in which the Tag Product option is stated, and by selecting this option, which is actually tagging the products, the desired list that you created on Facebook will appear for you.

Tips for using Instagram product tags

The important point here is that when you use product tags on your posts, it will not be possible for you to tag others and other people’s pages on the post, so It is somewhat limited.Another point that needs to be considered is that you can not use album posts to use this feature, and this is another type of limitation of using the feature.Finally, you can select a tag or even several tags for your product, and by publishing it on your Instagram, other people will be transferred to the link of your products and store by tapping on the tags.

Tips for using Instagram product tags

The important point here is that when you use product tags on your posts, it will not be possible for you to tag others and other people’s pages on the post, so It is somewhat limited. Another point that needs to be considered is that you can not use album posts to use this feature, and this is another type of limitation of using the feature.But there is another case that is one of the advantages of using this method, it is possible to point out the shortening of the shopping path of people, who in fact take a shorter route than before, and the possibility Provides product sales for individuals directly.Another point in this section is the use of analyzers in this section, which helps people to be able to analyze their product on Instagram, and information such as the amount of input per person through the desired tag and Checked the amount of product purchase through the desired tag.

But the other case is related to Instagram software, which requires the use of this method to update your software to the latest available update that you can update your Instagram through existing app stores.It is better not to use a lot of tags in the photos because it will be very unpleasant if it is crowded and slutty, as it becomes crowded when people tap the page and the product tag is displayed for them. Therefore, by arranging and separating each of the tags on your desired product, it will cause people to be transferred to your products page with the right choice.

What should be done to use the tag feature of the Instagram products section in countries that are not included in the list provided by Instagram?

Many people are in countries that are not among the relevant countries that Instagram has announced and do not have the ability to use this feature and very important feature of Instagram. Tricks have been expressed that can be used in other countries as well. Take advantage of this feature and enjoy the benefits of it, which greatly increases people’s sales.In this way, people should change their profile that they entered on Instagram to the profile of one of the countries that are in the relevant list, which includes the name of the country as well as the country number. Note that by selecting each country that is allowed to use this method to use the name of the same country until the end of the operation.

To use the phone number of the relevant country, you can also do this method virtually. After this, you must open your Facebook and apply the said changes here as well. If in some countries, using Instagram and Facebook is a filter. When using different types of filters, they should pay attention to change their VPN filtering to the relevant country.After completing these steps that we have described, you should follow the steps as we have taught and build your own store and product tag.