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Instagram story sticker

Instagram story sticker is one of the features of Instagram that people who use Instagram story a lot on a daily basis are effective for them and should be familiar with the way of contracting as well as the function of each of these stickers.In fact, according to statistics released by Instagram, the Instagram story has reached a high position among people due to the degree of popularity it has gained among users. In fact, more than 500 million photos or videos are published daily in this section.

Therefore, in order to increase the interaction rate on your user page and also to have a better and more effective effect of your stories on the audience and users who follow your page, it is necessary to know how each of them works and when to use them. Identify these stickers and get to know them more deeply.How to add stickers to Instagram stories is very simple, but it is common and very simple. By sharing it for 24 hours, it will have a great impact on the desired photo or video. We will explain how to add it.

How to add an Instagram story sticker

It is very easy to add stickers from the story section to photos or videos, and it is not very complicated and difficult, but it should be noted that in order to get all the stickers, and especially to get new stickers, you have to First, update your Instagram software to the latest available model.Next, you must create your story by referring to the Instagram software. This is because you can put stickers in your stories and use them when you have made your story and then put them on the story.For your story, you can use the photos or videos in the gallery, or you can take a video or photo at the same time by pressing the record option.In the next step, to add stickers to your story, you have to select the sticker icon that is placed at the top of the page and touch it so that all the stickers will appear on the next page that will be displayed for you.

The emojis in this section is usually the same as the mobile emojis and are no different. But the stickers in this section are dedicated to Instagram software and can not be seen in other software.Now you can select any of the stickers on the page and add it to your story. Note that access to these stickers is possible for all people and Instagram users and can Everyone should use them, but it is better not to use too many stickers because as the story gets crowded, it will not give it a beautiful look.But the important point in this section is that the use of each of the stickers is for a specific feature and each of them has a different use, and of course in your story, up to four stickers can be used and More than that is not possible.

Proper use of each of the stickers brings benefits to the person and one of the most important of them is to increase the interaction rate, which of course should be said that in some cases it is possible that Stickers in the Instagram story for one person to be different from other people and some of them are not available to all people, which is a feature of Instagram, and in some cases, its new features in some It will not be placed in accessible and usable areas and will eventually be activated after a period of time.Finally, by choosing a sticker appropriate to your subject, share your story with users and people who follow your page to see the feedback.

Types of Instagram story sticker and how to use them

One of the stickers in the Instagram story section is to SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESS, which is like a small blue bag that has been designed and added to support small businesses.This sticker, which was recently added to the Instagram story section, is to introduce people’s business and work to other Instagram audiences. This sticker is mostly used for business pages, and in fact, using it for business-type pages can have a huge impact on its growth.The way to put it is that after selecting it, you have to enter the username of your business account and then publish your story.Another sticker that has recently been added to the Instagram story is STAY AT HOME. In fact, this sticker was created with the corona booming all over the world and its epidemic, which encouraged people to stay at home and not leave it.

To add this sticker, like the previous man, after selecting your image to publish the story, you must select the STAY AT HOME sticker, which has the shape of a heart in which a house is placed.Another example of stickers in the Instagram story, which also has many fans and many people use it in their stories, is the Music Sticker sticker, which in fact, by selecting this sticker, you can use a collection of music that Instagram Show you the face and choose one of them to your liking.One of the remarkable features of the music in this section is that other person if they see the sticker in your story and also hear the desired song if they like it, they can tap on it to the page of the desired singer. Be guided and get acquainted with the general information of music. How to use this sticker is the same as in other cases.

Another type of sticker is Mention Sticker, which is one of the stickers that plays a very important role in Instagram and stories. In general, it should be said that mentioning means introducing people.In fact, when you put a photo in your story in which a number of your friends are present, you can mention them and add the username of each of them to your image, so that other people in your story. They will be redirected to their Instagram page if they tap on the person’s name.To add this sticker to your story, you have to act in a foggy way, and after selecting the sticker, you must enter the usernames of the friends you want to add to your image.LOCATION is another sticker that is used to add a location to your story image. In fact, using this sticker, you can show the audience who follow your page in what position you took your desired photo and shared it.

HASHTAG sticker is another example of stickers in the Instagram stories section, which is also unique and very common. In fact, using hashtags in the stories section to increase the number of views in the story, which Instagram has added to its story section.This sticker, which is very popular and used in comparison with other stickers of Instagram story, is generally used to increase visits, and if you select it, enter the desired name that you have chosen for your hashtag in this section.Of course, after writing your first word, Instagram offers you a number of commonly used names that can be selected if necessary.There are other types of stickers in the Instagram story, and another one that has a very colorful role in increasing people’s followers is a CHALLENGE. With this sticker and with more creativity, you can easily increase your number of followers.

The use and application of this sticker are such that by selecting it, you should also mention a number of your friends and people around you in your story and ask them to do this challenge according to the challenge done, you will see later. A number of people have been involved in this challenge by your friends that you do not know at all and it will easily increase your followers.How it works and how it is selected is that after selecting the sticker, it asks you the name of the challenge that you tried to do, which you must enter in the relevant box, and then asks you to add It is your friends who, by choosing them, you have actually invited them to your challenge.Another sticker in the Instagram story is the time sticker, which can be selected to determine the exact time of your photo or video because many people care about the exact time of the video and Or are aware of the desired photo.

By selecting the time sticker, your exact time will be displayed at the moment of selection, of course, you can change its appearance by tapping on it and select another type of clock in your image.Another type of sticker includes a poll sticker or POLL, which can be used to make people very interested in the story. A question can be asked in the box, the answer to which is two options, and each People can choose only one of the options.Of course, note that this type of sticker is different from the photo of the emotion poll sticker, and each of them has its own application, and when necessary, each must be used in the correct way.Of course, this sticker has a lot of fans because users who have seen the story no longer need to type long answers and send it to you, only by selecting one of the options, you can find out the answer.

After selecting this sticker, to put it in the story, you have to type your question and add your answers in the lower boxes so that people can choose any of the desired answers.Another sticker that exists and is a newer example of a poll sticker is the emotion poll sticker, which is a slider that can be easily used to determine the percentage of people feeling about a Feature you added.Another type of sticker is QUESTION, in which a specific question can be asked in relation to the subject they are interested in. It can be easily used in various subjects.Another way to use it is to ask other people to ask you questions about a particular topic, and in this way, you can learn more about people’s interests in relation to your business.

After your question that you put in the sticker when people answer your question, you can answer their questions in two ways. In the first method, you can click on and select the option to send the message. Send a circle to him and in this part, pay for a two-person chat. Another type that can be used to answer people in such a way that the person’s answer is displayed as a story and other users can send the person’s question and answer. But they do not have access to the user’s username and you can reply to the story and then share the story.Of course, it should be said that the second method is more useful when the question is asked by a general user or a question is a large number of people so that the answer can be displayed to all people to access it.Another sticker includes a temperature sticker that can be used to express the local temperature in which you are placed. In fact, this type of sticker is a temperature sticker using location.

This sticker, which is one of the other stickers that are available to some people and other people can not find it among the stickers, is such that by tapping on it, its appearance can be changed. And transformed it into other types.Of course, the important point is that this type of sticker has no effect on increasing or decreasing the interaction rate and is used only to inform and also to show the temperature of a location.History sticker is another item that displays the date in the form of AD for users, and its various uses can be used to show the existing occasions and conferences, as well as events and other items.Camera sticker is another type of sticker that has the option of Camera Sticker, which can be used to put a large number of images in your story, and one of its features is that by tapping on it You can change its appearance and add your photo to the story in different ways.

Gif sticker is one of the stickers that are very popular among Instagram users and has gained a lot of fans. In fact, gif means moving images, which can be used to place the gifs in this section in relation to the subject of your story.One of the important features of these gifs is that you can search for your desired topic in the search box and put many examples of the relevant topic in your image. Of course, this part of the Instagram story goes back to some people without showing gifs, which can be said that you can get them by changing your IP. To change your IP, you can use a filter breaker.Another type of sticker, which is also known as a four-choice sticker or a speculation sticker among users, is the GUESS MY FAVORITE sticker, which can be selected as a four-choice sticker by asking your question in the box above it. In the lower boxes, put your options, which, of course, must be one of the correct options and the other options are incorrect, and also when placing the options, the correct option must be specified that the next people Find out the correct answer by selecting the options if you choose incorrectly.

When people choose the answer to their question, if their answer is wrong, the correct answer can be displayed for them, and a ban on sending people the choice of the answer will be sent to the person who has exceeded the story, in which case they will be informed of the answers. Also, people who answer the relevant question are not able to answer the questions again and the effect is displayed to them like a picture.To select this sticker, when you have selected it and placed your questions and answers, you must place your finger on the correct answer for a few seconds to change it to green, in which case you have selected the correct option.Instagram software has many stickers in its stereo section, all of which can be accessed by referring to this section and used in the right ways, including the benefits that these stickers have for people, especially people who have a number of They have a lot of followers, and also people who use their page in business areas can increase the interaction rate, so it is recommended that you use these stickers in your stories, but be careful in your story. Do not use large numbers together because the clutter on the page will prevent your user and audience from understanding the main message of your story.