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Multi-Account Instagram

Multi-Account Instagram is an Instagram feature that can be used to create multiple accounts on Instagram at the same time.Of course, it should be said that this feature was not possible in previous versions of Instagram, and it was only possible to manage one account and to have other accounts, you had to exit the software and then enter another account to Your account can be accessed.

Due to this feature that Instagram has recently added to itself, it has become possible for other people who use Instagram for different purposes to create several different accounts on Instagram and manage each of them. To.One of the most important features of this feature on Instagram is that you can add other accounts and manage and manage them all at the same time without leaving another account.Of course, it should be said that creating and creating new accounts is a very easy and simple method and does not have hard and complicated principles, and all people can easily create different accounts on Instagram, the only requirement is to have a phone number. Valid as well as a valid email address.

Learn how to create a Multi-Account Instagram

There are two ways you can add your accounts on Instagram, in this section we will explain and introduce each of these methods. In this section, we first describe the first method.Due to the fact that this feature is from the new Instagram and in recent versions, it has been added to the Instagram software, so it is necessary that first if the software installed on your mobile phone is from the old version, first download it. Update and after this, open the Instagram software.

Now, after opening Instagram, select your profile page, whose icon is located at the bottom of the page and on the right, and then by selecting the three-line icon at the top of the page, you should select the settings option.After selecting the settings on the page in front of you, you have to drag the page down and select the Add Account option from the blue options in front of you at the bottom of the page.

After selecting it, you will see that in the new window, two options will be displayed for you, which include Create New Accounts and Log into Existing Account. If you select the first option, you will be able to create and create multiple accounts on your mobile phone. Arises.The second option also includes the possibility of adding other accounts in the software in addition to the initial account. So the first option is to create and add a new account and the second option is only to add a pre-created account.

Finally, if you have a second account and other accounts that you have available and have already created, you must select the second option, but if you have not yet created another account, you must select the first option to start the steps. Create a new account and finally add it to this section.Now, according to the above description, we will explain another way to add accounts to Instagram, so stay tuned.In this section, after opening the Instagram software, refer to your personal profile and you will see your account username on the page at the top left of the page. Now you have to click on it to open a new window for you. And then in this window, you will see that there is an Add Accounts option.

In this section, you must enter a new account in this section by selecting this option. Note that if you have referred to this section in your Instagram and software for the first time, and if you go through these steps in this section, add another account. You can not create a new account by selecting the Create New Accounts option on this page and then add it in this section after creating the account.

How to log in to other accounts we have added to Instagram?

The important question in this section is how to proceed after creating different accounts to refer to them, in which case you should open the Instagram application and refer to the account profile on the account username page. Select the one at the top.Now you will see that in the next window, the usernames of all the accounts that you have already added to Instagram are there and all of them will be displayed for you. In this case, you can select any of them as an account. It was transferred to it and on the desired page, you can follow the same steps to return to other accounts and your main account.

Of course, there is another way to refer to other accounts on Instagram, and it includes that by referring to the direct page, which is located on the home page, this action can also be done in such a way that after entering the page You will see your username directly at the top of the page. From this section, you can also see all the usernames and select any of them by clicking on your username, as in the previous case.But there is another method and in each of these methods, which is to log in to other accounts, it is possible to add other accounts, and at the bottom of the usernames by selecting the Add Accounts option, you can Take action.

The third method is that anywhere on Instagram, you can hold your finger on the profile picture of the user account at the bottom of the page, and then in the next window, you can see your accounts and each Chose from them.


Tips used in Multi-Account Instagram

The first and most important point in this section is that there is a limit to add new accounts on Instagram, and you can not add any new account to it, and you can only add up to 5 accounts. Add and manage them.Another point that is important for many people is how to create and create a new account when touching the username on their profile page and to create a new account and then add it, for which it should be said later From the Select New Accounts option on the next page, there is a box called choose Username.

In this section, you must create the username of your new account and enter it in this section, and after confirming Instagram, you must enter your mobile phone number or email address in the next section.Before continuing this section, it should be said that new accounts can be easily created on Instagram, the only condition is to have a valid and available contact number or a valid email address and having one of these items is necessary to create a new account.Then, after entering your email address or your mobile number, you must click Next to record and check all your steps on Instagram.

You should note that if you have used the email address in this section, Instagram will only accept email accounts that you have not used before in other accounts that you have created in this software, in which case it will be approved and Otherwise if you used the email address you used to create your Instagram account, it will not be possible to add it here.After continuing the steps by adding a password for your account, you must also select the Next option, and in the other fields that are displayed for you, you can add other information such as your date of birth to the date of birth. Enter as desired and still select Next again.

If you do not fill in the required information in this section, you can skip the Skip option to not do these actions and end them. Finally, your account is created by displaying a message to you that your account has been successfully created.Another point is that many of these people are looking to know how many Instagram accounts they have created during their use of Instagram and to be aware of this number, but it must be said that Instagram has not made it possible to use it. Find out the number of accounts you have created for your account and forgot their names.

Another point is that after creating and adding new accounts to Instagram, it should be said that the notifications that are sent for each account will be sent to you if you are in the relevant account and in this account the account notifications You will not be notified of anything else sent to you.Another point is that with several Instagram accounts, you can connect all of them to your Facebook account and use it, but the only thing in this section is that after connecting your account to your Facebook account, everyone can A message will be sent to your friends on Facebook stating that this is your Instagram account.

Another point is that Instagram has made it possible to delete the desired account after adding the account in your software, so to delete it, you must follow the steps that will be taught in the next price.By deleting one of the accounts from the list of accounts and user accounts on Instagram. In some cases, people add an account to their software or multiple accounts to delete one or all of them. To delete accounts or one of them must be done this way According to the above, do one of the methods and refer to the page that shows your different accounts, and finally go to that account by selecting one of the accounts.

Now you have to select the icon and the three-line menu on the right side of the page and select the settings option at the bottom of the page, and then drag the page down to display the [Log Out [Accounts Name] option for you. to be given.Inside the box is the name of your account, which you must select this option, and then after selecting it, you will see that your username will be removed from the list of accounts that you have added.

Of course, the important point is that this action did not delete your account, only using this method will delete the account you added and your access to it will be limited, so if you decide to delete your account from Instagram in general Delete and delete You must use the methods of permanent deletion of the user account.To use and teach these steps, you can use other articles that have been placed on the site and compile all the relevant steps and delete your account.According to this content, you can manage and control your user accounts in one software and add another account or delete it in your list of accounts at any time.