Posting a story on Instagram

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Posting a story on Instagram

Posting a story on Instagram, one of the new features that with the new updates that Instagram presented, unveiled the possibility of placing it as a story, which is one of the most important features of this software and one of the reasons. Be it superior to other software on the market.In fact, many people use this very good feature of Instagram to make their posts more visible and see the impact of this program in their work process. In fact, according to the statistics published by this company, the stories of people are seen 80% more than their posts.In fact, in this part of Instagram, which, like its name, you can present videos and videos from your daily life or introduction of your business, and present their stories to your followers.

Of course, it should be noted that uploading videos and videos in this part of Instagram for a period of 24 hours, but in newer updates, Instagram is able to save the story and keep it for an indefinite period of time for people. Has done. There is another case where you can put more stories and the duration of each of these stories is 24 hours.Currently, storytelling on Instagram is one of the most important tools for introducing businesses and advertisements, as well as increasing the amount and rate of interaction on people’s personal pages, and through this, many people earn money.In fact, many people now prefer to post stories in the traditional way of posting, which is why this feature of Instagram is considered as a revolution in this software, which is a much easier and faster way to Communicates with followers on your personal page.

Many people do not have a proper understanding of this feature of Instagram and are not familiar with its methods for its useful use. In this section, we will discuss the steps of placing a story.Of course, before teaching the steps of Posting a story on Instagram, we will introduce the fact that the stories of other followers are displayed on the page where you opened Instagram and at the top of the screen. In fact, after opening Instagram, the first page that is shown to people is called the home page, and news stories and posts of people following people are displayed on this page.In fact, all the people and interests that you follow, their stories will be visible to you, and new people who post stories will have a ribbon around their photos in their profiles, which means a serious story. Be sure you have not seen it, and if you see it, this color bar will fade and the seen story will be transferred to the last part of the stories.

In fact, your stories are displayed in the order of the newest to the oldest in 24 hours. After seeing a story to see it again, you can find it by going back or forward stories.In the following, we will explain the steps of Posting a story on Instagram, which is very convenient and simple. First, after entering your software and on the home page at the top of the page, that is, where people’s stories are displayed for you, on the left side, where you can see your profile picture, in this section, a plus sign like this + Next to your profile picture, you can see the word Your Story written below it. Selecting it will display a new page.On the new page, you will see that your phone’s camera is activated. In fact, in this section, it can be shared by taking a photo of the desired subject, but this section, which has become very popular, only does not have this feature alone, and It has many other options that we will introduce in the following.

If you decide to use the photos on your mobile phone, all you have to do is swipe up from the bottom of the page, in which case your gallery will be displayed and you can select the desired photo or Even select the movie and video you want.In the next step, by selecting a photo or video by tapping or clicking on it, you will see that many options are displayed for you, each of which is designed for your specific case, which you can use. Use or edit your photo using existing filters.Another feature of this section is to tag people and their pages or add a place in this section. In general, this part of the story has many settings and capabilities, such as placing links for people, which of course is active for everyone. It is not and people and pages with special conditions can use this.

To use the above items in our story, we will introduce each of them and how to use and apply them. At the top left of the page, from left to right, is the first option of the cross icon *, which in fact, by selecting it, we cancel the selection of our photo or video and try to delete it.Next to the cross, there is another icon, which is in the form of a sticker, and by selecting it, we actually see various filters that we must download to use them for the first time. Each of these filters shows the corresponding image. They make a kind and make the photo beautiful.The other icon next to the previous icon is not active for everyone and is used to add links to the story.

On this page, depending on the selection of text or sticker or other items, the icon is related to saving a photo or video, which is placed next to the link icon, which is in the form of a down arrow, which by pressing it in You have saved your story on your mobile phone but have not yet shared it.The other icon, which is actually the right icon from the right, by selecting it, we will see different types of icons are displayed, each of which is designed for its specific case, for example, one of them to add Location is another way to add a hashtag to your photo or to tag people and other things like time, temperature, asking questions of people and audiences, and many other options.

The other icon in this section, the second icon from the right, is in the form of a curved line. In fact, there is an icon for drawing on photos and videos, and by selecting this option, other icons are located for more settings and select the type of line, as well as its size, and so on.Another icon on this page is very useful and the first icon from the right, which is in the shape of the letters Aa, is to add text to your favorite photo and video, but by selecting it, various filters from There are lines that show your text layout in several models and people can choose from any of them.Another option on this page is the send to option, which after being pressed, you will be transferred to a new page where your audience and followers will be displayed, and by selecting any of them In fact, you send them your photo or video.

To find people on this page, there is a box at the top of the page in which the word search is lightly written, and through it, you can search for your friends’ usernames, then send them the relevant story.Finally, after applying the relevant items, by selecting your story option, which is located at the bottom left of the page, your photo and video will be displayed to people for a period of 24 hours. Of course, there are other ways to put a story in this software, and this was just one of these methods.The second method is that by entering your Instagram home page, which in fact, after opening Instagram on the right and bottom of the page, you select the first option that also displays your profile photo, and in This page, which is the same as the profile page, by clicking on your profile picture, you have actually been transferred to the story page, and you should follow the steps mentioned above.

There is another way to put a story in this software and it is very convenient and easy so that after opening Instagram on the first page, which is the first page and home, it is enough to move your fingers from left to right. Drag in this case you will be taken to the next page where you have to select a story.Then to put more stories by pressing the positive icon on the profile that we explained in the first step or through other methods that we have mentioned, you can add a story to your previous story for how many times, with the only difference that each Which of these stories has its own duration, and each of them lasts for 24 hours, after which time they are automatically deleted.Of course, people can also delete these stories, ie for other people who want to delete the desired photo or video before the end of the relevant period, it is enough to select and view their story at the bottom of the page and select the delete option on the right, in which case the relevant story will be deleted.

The other options in the Instagram story are each for an application. In fact, by choosing to place your story on this page, you will be faced with other options that are located at the bottom of the page.Another of these stories is the Live story, which if you select this option, all your Instagram followers and audiences will be notified that you have started your love, and they will click on it. They can see your story and live and talk to them live.Of course, your communication with your audience is such that by playing your video and talking in it, they can only write their comments and communicate with you through this.

Another type of story in this part is the Boomerang story, in which you can share several photos together and in the form of animated gifs for your audience.Other types of stories include Rewind story, in which case it is only for the movie with a maximum time of 20 seconds, which is a feature that plays the movie from the end to the beginning. And it repeats itself over and over again.And the other story is a hands-free story (Hands-free) that does exactly the work and process of the previous type of story, with the only difference that it is played from the beginning to the end.