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Posting on Instagram

Posting on Instagram is one of the most important parts of Instagram, which is generally applicable to people who want to share a particular photo or video in the Instagram application and upload it in various ways. Previously, it could only be run via mobile and Instagram software.But today, this company and the makers of this software with their new updates have enabled people to upload new posts through other methods such as Windows, computers, and mobile web versions, and people can easily Being aware of its implementation methods can provide their own posts and share them with other people.In fact, for many people who are in this program and use it, their purpose for their presence in this program is to post in this program, so they should also know the ways of posting, although the method is very convenient and easy. But it is important to be aware of it.

In this section, we will teach you how to Posting on Instagram in its mobile software, and then we will teach you other tutorials.After the initial launch of Instagram and installing it and adding an ID for yourself, when we enter the Instagram page, that is, when we run Instagram, we see different icons on the desired page at the bottom of the page, each of which These icons are designed for their specific purposes and by pressing any of them, you will be transferred to the desired page.In fact, each of these icons has a specific page, which we will briefly introduce. From left to right include the feed window, the exploration window, the post window, the activity window, and the profile window, respectively.

Here, to add a post, you have to click on the icon that is in the form of a plus, which is actually the middle icon and is called the post window, and go to the next page that we move to. On this page that appears, it has different sections, each of which we will introduce.In the first part, it is on the left and top of the page, which is shown as the image below, and it is the Gallery option, which by pressing this part, we will be transferred to the page of photos on our mobile phone, which by selecting any of Photos or any of the folders will get the desired photo and finally select it.Of course, it should be noted that by selecting the desired folder, the photos in it are displayed at the bottom of the screen, from which one must choose one of them. It should also be noted that people can also watch the movie in Post this program, so it is not just a matter of choosing a photo, and a person can choose the movie he wants instead of a photo.

Next, it should be said that if the photo in question is selected for posting, if it does not have the standard size of Instagram, part of it will be cut. In fact, the photos that are displayed on Instagram have a square standard.There is a way to not cut the photos by selecting one of the three middle options on the right can not cut the photo.Selecting the first icon from the three icons on the left, such as the image below, which is in the form of an infinite symbol, makes the photo smaller, and in fact, your photo will be posted in the same way. If it is too big, finally selecting this option will cut a part of it.Next to this icon, there are two other icons for other cases that can be mentioned in such a way that the icon that is placed in the middle is for the purpose that you select a certain number of photos by selecting it. Which are placed in the form of a photo and displayed.

In the next option, which is one of the most widely used options in this section, by selecting it, you can post several photos as an album and it will be visible to people. In fact, this option is for placing multiple photos.By selecting this option and finally selecting the photos in your gallery, numbers will appear next to the photos, which will make the order of its arrangement and display for you.In the next part of this page, there are other options that are located at the bottom of the page and include Gallery options to select photos or videos and videos from mobile memory or mobile memory.Another option in this part, which is also in the middle, is the Photo option, which is for taking photos and selecting the desired photo and connects directly to the phone’s camera for taking photos. The other option on the right is the Video option, which is for capturing video and selecting it.

Finally, after selecting your photo, click Next to move to the next page and the next step. After selecting the Next option, we enter this page, which has various filters for editing the photo. After selecting any of the types of filters or not selecting them for the second time, click on Next to move to the next page.The page that appears is the last step of this section and is one of the most important parts. We must do the following. At the top of the page, as shown in the image below, you should add the text related to your photo, which is called a caption.In the continuation of the text that we put, a number of tags can also be added, but it should be noted that the tags that we add are so effective that they appear to people during the search.

In the next part, which is also specified in the image, you can add your place and position to the photo. In the next box, we can select the people we decide to add to the photo as tags.There is another box in the next section, which is also active for users whose Facebook is active, and by pressing it, they can share the desired photo on Facebook.Carefully in the image, we see that in this photo and in this page at the bottom of the page, there is another option called Advanced Setting, which is actually very useful for people who want to have more control over their post By pressing that person, it will be transferred to another page, which includes the following items.In the first option of this page, if someone tries to activate it, in fact, you have closed the counts for the post you want and you will not allow any person to comment. The next option on this page is that by clicking on it, you will be allowed to share this post on Facebook.

Finally, after completing all the above steps, select the Share option and press, which will cause the desired post to be displayed to all your followers. In the following, we will teach you how to post videos and videos.Following what we have explained, to post on Instagram for videos and videos, we act like photos, which is different in several ways. As in the steps of posting photos, first, select your post window and then your video, in which case you will be transferred to a new page.On this page at the top is an icon in the form of a speaker that if you select, the video you upload will be muted. The other part of this page is the filters that are placed in the middle of the page at the bottom of the page, and each of these filters applies changes to videos and photos.

At the bottom of the filters, there are two options with different uses, which include Cover and Trim. By selecting the Trim option, due to the one-minute restrictions on posting videos on Instagram, you will be taken to a page where you can select the part of the video that you like.The use of the Cover option is also different in that after selecting it, you will be taken to another page whereby selecting any of the frames that are from your movie, in fact, until the movie is for your followers. Not played This cover and frame that you have selected will be displayed as a photo for them.After the mentioned steps, select the Next option and in the continuation of the steps, we will act like uploading a photo.

Here we have explained how to put videos and photos in the Instagram program and software. There is another type of uploading videos and photos that is through Windows and computers and the mobile web version, which is a soft method. Its software is completely different and its steps take place through personal computers. In the following, we will explain this method.

Post via Chrome browser on Instagram

After entering the Chrome browser on the right side of your screen and at the top of it, select the three dots icon, which is the same as the next one. More or more tools Another page will be displayed for you to select the developer tools option on this page.In this section, you will see that your page has been divided into two parts, in the part where we are still working, select the mobile icon on the left and the upper part. After selecting this icon, its color changes to blue, which means that this option is active.

Then, on the second page on your left, enter the Instagram site in the search field. Then, by entering your Instagram ID and username, in addition to your password, you have entered Instagram and your personal page.In the following, you will see that this program works like the software on your mobile phone, and the continuation of the posting process in this program is the same as the steps mentioned above in the software. In fact, by activating this option in your Instagram Chrome web browser, you became Instagram software.

Put the post in the web version of Instagram via mobile browser

This method, which has many uses, in such a way that without having Instagram software on your mobile phones, you can also refer to your personal page via the web, of course, this method was previously very limited and the capabilities of Instagram software Did not run completely, now it has become very useful with the spread and upload. To do this, log in to the Instagram site through your browser, then enter your personal page account, and then transfer it to your page Become.Here, to post, select the camera icon that connects directly to your mobile camera, or select the desired photo and video by selecting the photo or video from the Document or Gallery section.Then, by selecting the Next option, you will be transferred to the next part, where all the steps are the same as the steps of posting through the software.