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Private Instagram page

A Private Instagram page is a feature that is important for many people to limit the availability of their page and page. In general, it has happened a lot that we have visited a page but we have seen that the page And the desired page is open and locked, and in order to access the desired contact page, we must follow the desired page, and if he allows it, we can view their posts.Or even for people who do not want other people to have access to their photos and videos and easily view them, so in this case, they make their page and page private and in the so-called, It is called Private.

It should be noted that the pages on Instagram are displayed in two ways, one of which is public and can be accessed by everyone, and the other type that we are dealing with is the private type. To make your page private, you need to do things that are very simple and easy, and by doing them that can be done in less than a minute, you can make your page private.Of course, the important point in this section and it should be noted is that privatizing your Instagram page in older versions was only possible on mobile phones, whether Android or IOS and in web versions it was possible to do harm. There was no trick, but now in web versions, you can do the same thing and make your page private. Therefore, in the following, we will get acquainted with the method of privatizing the Instagram page with software versions as well as the web version.

Ways to do Private Instagram page

First, we use the Instagram software by opening the Instagram application and software on your mobile phone and entering your personal page. On the right side of this page, click on the three-line icon on this page, and Select the More Tools option.After selecting the three-line icon on the page that appears to you like an image, select the settings option at the bottom of the page in the form of gear for you. On this page that you have been transferred to, you will see that the third option of this page is privacy, by selecting it, you will be redirected to another page.

There are various taps on this page that we will take to another page by selecting the Account Privacy option. There is a Private Account option on this page, and if you enable it, you have actually made your page private. To activate this option, selecting it will turn it blue, which means that your page is private. Note that if you see that this bar is blue, it means that you have already enabled this option.Your page was simply privatized through the Instagram software, and any post, whether videos, photos, or even stories that you share on your page, will not be visible to everyone, and only other people who Your followers can see these posts.

As for the other way of privatizing the Instagram page, which is through web versions, whether on mobile or computer, we explain that in this way, we must first log in to the Instagram site and then by placing our user account. And enter the password and we will be taken to our page.On your profile page, select the spinner icon or settings at the top of the page. On the page that appears for you, select the privacy and security option. Finally, by selecting the private account option, your Instagram page will be easily private.

Privatize Business Instagram Page

Some people who have turned their page into a business and business can not do these steps according to the above steps, and in fact, it is possible to commercialize Instagram pages for everyone, and many Convenient and easy as well.By following the steps related to commercializing a page, people can commercialize their page and then privatize their page by following the steps below.First, you need to go to the page that is private and locked and select the three-line icon at the top of the page and select the settings option on the page that appears.On the page in front of you, select the account option, and then drag the page operation upwards. In this case, select the switch to Personal account option on the page and at the bottom of the page. Selecting it will take you to another page, where you must select the switchback option.

Eventually, the user page of people whose pages are commercial will be private in this way, but it should be noted that with this action, these people can no longer access other statistical information that is specific to pages and business pages and for them Offered to have access and not shown to them.But the important point is, why do some people whose page is business type try to privatize their page? If their page is open, they can get more followers.In this case, there is a general case is that these people, despite having a large number of followers, by doing this, make people enthusiastic about their page and page and somehow force them to follow their page.

Tips for using the Private page on your Instagram account

For people who have the ambiguity that if they privatize their page they can see other people’s posts, it is important to note that after privatizing their page, people can only see their posts that actually Be one of their followers and have approved it. In fact, anyone who wants to see your posts should follow you.According to a web viewer feature of Instagram private account, there is no restriction in viewing the posts of public accounts of people, and when you want to see the post that is the desired page of private, you must ask him to follow.Another point about the hashtags mentioned below is the posts of people whose accounts have been privatized, which will not be displayed for other hashtags if searched by other publics, and only for friends who are followers. Your posts can see your posts on the hashtag page.

Another situation that exists in the field of privatizing the Instagram page in terms of whether this method is useful or not in general for those who want to control their pages and who sees their posts Be aware is an effective method.Also note that if the page is public, other people can use this action by sharing your posts on their direct without you realizing it.Another point in this regard is about the number of followers of people after privatizing the account, in general, the followers of people still have access to posts after privatizing the page, but for other people, there is a possibility To reduce the number of followers.

Advantages and disadvantages of Private Instagram page

In general, privatizing Instagram pages restricts people, so the benefits vary depending on the reason for doing so, but in general, the benefits of this Instagram action can be considered for people like this. They gain a kind of confidence that results from the fact that not everyone has access to their posts and other specific people of their choice can see his posts.There are other benefits to this that can be said to actually prevent people from abusing your information and account, and you can hide your personal activities from others.

But the disadvantages of this method can be considered as a number of its advantages, and the first and most important is to limit the person in the field of his activities on Instagram, in which case he can only communicate with his followers and other people. They can no longer interact on his page.In fact, by privatizing your page, your posts will not be shared on the Explorer page and other people will not be able to see them, and the pages and other people for the religion of your posts will have to approve you, in fact, until you Do not approve can not access your posts.

When a personal account is privatized, it will not be displayed to your followers who do this directly by sending the posts in this account. This case can be considered as both disadvantages and advantages.If you have a hashtag below the posts of private user accounts, it will not be displayed for people in the hashtag sections, which is also one of the disadvantages of this Instagram account privatization.Another disadvantage of this method is when people advertise on their pages, in which case others can not see the ads and only other followers of the page can see them.

Delete a private account and turn it into a public account

Many times after people have privatized their account, for obvious reasons, they decide to return this account to the public state to use the features of the publicity of their page, depending on what has been said and the methods that When it comes to privatizing Instagram pages, we act like them.In this way, we perform all the steps to make the page private, and finally, we deactivate the Private Account option, which is active, and remove its blue bar. In this case, the page we want is in public mode. comes.But the important question that arose here and in the description was how to view the posts of a page that has been privatized? It should be noted that this is not possible through the Instagram software, and you can only view account posts that have been privatized if you have asked the person to follow. You can view these posts if the person approves.

Otherwise, you will not be able to access his posts until he has verified your account, but here it should be said that there are other software and programs that have made this possible for people. Which can be accessed by people who have made their account private.Of course, it is a bit difficult to trust this software because, in some of them, they ask you for your private information, which can be a kind of misuse of your information, so our recommendation is that this Do not use methods and software because the potential risks are high.