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Save Instagram posts

Save Instagram posts As Instagram has become a place for many people to exchange information all over the world, many people are trying to create the best photos and videos and with the changes made by Special software happen to upload the best photos and videos.For this reason, many followers of these virtual pages are not able to download the desired video and photo due to the lack of necessary facilities and the restrictions imposed on Instagram, so in these cases, many people save the desired post in Instagram software and in general by saving Instagram posts when they need them to visit and visit.Therefore, for people who decide to save backlinks, they can do so through the following method, which is very simple and convenient. To save Instagram posts, we use the following method.

First, enter the desired page where the post they decide to save by selecting the desired post, whether it is a movie or a photo or a collection of photos as an album. However, by selecting the desired post, the person will be displayed in the right part of the post and at the bottom of it, the icon shown in the image below.By pressing this icon, people have actually saved their desired post, which was quite simple and very easy to Save Instagram posts. But how to make the post appear as a method and steps that we will explain in the following.

To find a post that we have already saved, we act in such a way that when entering the Instagram page, it goes to the section of your personal page, which you must enter at the bottom after entering the Instagram app. On the right side of the screen, select the icon that is your profile picture. We act as the following image:After selecting your profile picture, which was located as an icon on the right and at the bottom of it, we entered our personal page. At this time, according to the image below, the icon on the right side of this document and at the top of the page should be three Click the line located.After selecting this option, a page will appear like the one below, which has different tabs for different settings, but to show the post that you have already saved, click on the fourth option on this page, which is Saved. Click and on the next page we will see all the items and posts that we have saved and by searching among them we will easily find the desired post.

One of the things that are important here for many people is to know who or how many people are posting about them on the pages. They have saved their past subscriptions.In the following, we will be aware of this issue by expressing its methods, but it is necessary to mention that this action is only applicable to people whose page is of business type, in which case they can Be aware of this information, so after the page is commercialized, we will find out how many people have saved our posts through the following ways and steps.Of course, it should be noted that knowing how many of our followers and followers have saved our posts, as well as what posts they have saved, will help people with page owners to easily Understand what areas people like most about their page, and in fact guide them more generally in guiding their page to their goal.

First of all, it should be said that when people save a post from our page, no announcement is sent to us such as liking people, and only by going to this section, which we will mention, we can find out how many times this post has been saved.For others who want to commercialize their page, they can do so by following these steps so that they can activate the necessary settings for how many people have saved their posts.First, by entering their page, by selecting the Settings option, they will enter the page that appears, which has different tabs. In the meantime, by selecting the seventh option of this page, which is Account, they will be transferred to another page.

Then commercialize your page by selecting the Switch to Account Business or Switch to Account Creator option.Finally, after commercializing the page, to find out how many people have saved the posts, we will use the following method.First, we run the Instagram application in versions of the iOS operating system as well as Android. Go to your posts and go to the desired post or any other favorite post that we want to know how many people have saved it and click on it and download it.After downloading the relevant post, you must click on the View Insights option, which is located at the bottom and below the desired post, and press it. In this case, all the statistics are displayed and in general, the statistics of the number of people who have saved the relevant post are displayed.One of the most important things for people to know is who saved their posts. It should be noted that at the moment, Instagram has not added this feature to its software, and people can not get information about who has saved their posts.