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What is Twitter?

What is Twitter?If you are a little familiar with cyberspace, you have probably heard the name of this popular application. Twitter is a program that was created in the year two thousand and six. And today, its use and popularity among cyberspace users are not. Undoubtedly, this program has one (100) million daily active users and five hundred (500) million daily tweets, one of the most popular parts of social media. As mentioned, this social network was launched in the year two thousand and six (2006). This application is older than other existing and popular programs such as Telegram, Instagram, etc But it is still popular among users, unlike many old programs that are obsolete, and not only is it not obsolete, but it is increasing in number daily. This program can be used for various purposes such as following and receiving news, following celebrities, or connecting with your friends.

In the past, in previous years, people all over the world followed the news of the world day and various events only through television, newspapers, and radio And technology and the Internet have not been as accessible and widely used as they are today But today, due to the development of media, each person in cyberspace and social media has their own personal page and online news, etc. are available to everyone. For example, every journalist and every citizen journalist is considered as a kind of media for herself and reliable news can be followed from that person’s page. We can think of Twitter as a waterfall because it works just like that. In such a way that the events and news of the world day first come on Twitter And then published on Instagram and Telegram. It is interesting to know that most of the news from different fields and interesting contents from the users’ point of view is published in Telegram and Instagram channels and also for the first time on Twitter

Despite this explanation, it may be for some questions what is Twitter? What has made this program more and more popular and used? How to work with it? We will examine it. We will examine it. Fortunately, using Twitter is not difficult and it is possible for everyone to learn to work with this application. What is Twitter? Twitter was originally a project founded by Obvious in March 2006 as a company that was more of a podcast. But later this program became the first version of this Twitter that is available to us today. The full version was introduced on July 15, 2006. Its creator is a man named Jack Dorsey. The idea for it came from Jack Dorsey when he was just a student. The idea of using one person to communicate with a small group came from a text messaging service. In fact, it can be said that Twitter is a “microblogging” system that allows you to send and receive short posts called tweets. What is Twitter and what are its rules? It can be said that tweets can have a maximum of one hundred and forty (140) words And can include links to related websites and resources that are provided to users in the form of text. Twitter users follow other users. If you follow someone you can tweet him on ‘timeline’ See your Twitter. In fact, Twitter has been described as an Internet text message

After Facebook, which is known as the most popular social network, and with the increase of intelligence, espionage, hacking, etc., today it’s social and communication application has become a secondary function Twitter is known as the second most popular social network in the world. When Jack Dorsey was asked about the idea of making Twitter, how she came up with the idea: “The word Twitter came to my mind very accidentally The word means “short-chain of irrelevant information.”  In fact, choosing a name for it has been smart. At first, Twitter was a very similar idea to texting. On March 21, 2006, the first tweet was sent by Jack Dorsey. In fact, as we said at the beginning, the limit of one hundred and forty (140) characters was simply a necessity, although many users objected to this. But this restriction was mandatory. In fact, it can be said that mobile phone companies imposed this restriction, not Twitter. Twitter is now based in San Francisco, although it has other offices in New York. However, Twitter is one of the top ten most visited sites in the world. From the beginning of its establishment, the use of this program became very fast and popular among the people. In a year, two thousand and ten fifty thousand tweets were sent daily And a few months later, in June 2010, that number changed to sixty-five million tweets.

Now the question of some users is what features have made Twitter popular among users and in its time has distinguished it from other applications. Well, we have to say that Twitter allows the user to send new tweets in the shortest possible time and see the latest tweets of other users. Twitter does not have a specific category or restriction on sending text messages, and it is possible to send messages even for political purposes. It is true when we say that there is no specific restriction on the type of SMS sent on Twitter Perhaps due to the many protests that sometimes take place in some countries, most social networks are either filtered or there is no permission to send that text with that theme and it is controlled by regulatory bodies. Interestingly, in some countries, the program has been used to organize political protests. And that’s why these protests are sometimes called Twitter revolutions These revolutions include the Egyptian Revolution of 2011, the riots of the Republic of Moldova in 2009, the uprising of the Arab nations, and then Libya and Bahrain.

It was the wave of tweets and announcements in such uprisings that made Twitter a popular app because there are no restrictions on it compared to other social networks. In addition to the above, it was in the Wall Street movement that this application was very useful. Opposition groups called for mobile phones and social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to spread the word around the world. And since then, in addition to using other social networks, especially Twitter, subsequent rallies have been organized. You might think that Twitter has been the only app that can send and receive messages since its inception, with no other features But this is not the case. For example, Twitter has an interesting feature that Twitter also does news in emergencies.

Of course, it can be said that Twitter was not designed specifically for this purpose, and many currency users may be unaware of this possibility, but there were people who were aware of this feature of Twitter and used it to communicate during an earthquake. Another application of Twitter is that it is also used as a tool for advertising. And because this program is very practical and popular and its use is increasing, many people use it to promote their program. For example, many TV programs. Twitter is also widely used to promote television programs, such as the Oscars. Some people believe that since the establishment of Twitter, the number of viewers who come to watch a live TV program has increased. So if this is true, that is, if Twitter really has an impact on the popularity of live programs, then it is expected that programs that have the highest viewership should also have the highest number of tweets.

Another use of Twitter is that it is also used to report crime rates by the police. In fact, according to experts, the popularity of social networks in the Middle East has led to hackers and intelligence organizations following these networks. To consider. On the other hand, the relatively low public awareness of the functions of social networks among the public has led to victims of cyber espionage. Due to the popularity of Twitter among users and the increasing number of users to this application, as a result, in May of the year two thousand and eleven (2011), the creative tweet thief site was launched. This site was very popular and popular because it is a very useful site for them.

Because this site allows people to tweet about the disappearance of their loved ones and family members, pets, and lost objects so that if anyone has information about them, they can share their information with others again with the help of this site. And this in itself has led to a reduction in the number of people visiting police offices and has increased confidence and security. The hashtag on Twitter is also very useful, and users use each hashtag to provide specific posts to other users. In fact, one of the many activities on Twitter involves the use of hashtags. And as we said, this is what is used to collect tweets related to the same topic. For example, if a lot of people were attending a press conference or other important meeting and wanted people to know what the speakers were saying using the hashtag (#) followed by the agreed name, tweeted in an agreed hashtag With a brief acquaintance with Twitter, we can say that the tweet is a kind of short message. However, in addition to the features that Twitter has, it can spread its message across the site instead of sending that text to one person. Twitter allows users to do this. This action is completely free.

This program is available to countries, although its use in some of those filters. Or, for example, under the new Public Data Protection Act, Ireland now sets the digital consent age at sixteen. This means that young people under the age of 16 in Ireland are not allowed to access the operating system. As you know, with the spread of social networks and the existence of hackers and intelligence spies, there is a possibility of hacking and endangering the privacy of individuals. Many social networking sites also have risks for young people. While users can lock their profiles so that only followers can see their tweets, this is a very open website. This means that almost anyone can log in and see what the person has been saying since joining the site. In fact, it is a very public collection. There is less hacking or loss of users’ personal information than other social networks. About Twitter, You can see thousands of tweets in seconds. Twitter has the ability to edit and restore the sent text. One of the problems in this regard is that users, especially young people, publish any content regardless of its publicity, which has caused dissatisfaction among some users, including parents.